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New release of Red Bird SFX
May 11, 2007

Kandmtech, announced the second release of Red Bird SFX due to hit shelves in June. The Red Bird SFX v2 is expected to improve user's experiences with file transfer and remote file management by giving them higher security and easier to use graphical interfaces. With new features such as support for the SSH 2 protocol (SFTP), and the "on-demand launcher". The SSH 2 protocol (SFTP), provides for a more secured communication between the client local machine and the remote server. The "on-demand launcher" is a new way for the user's of Red Bird SFX to use Red Bird SFX from anywhere; basically the program is run inside the web browsers from the click of a link. However the same security client's of Red Bird SFX have known and loved is still provided! The "on-demand launcher" will be backed by a server side solution which will store the user's preferences and configurations for the access at any location and computer. With the power of this type of flexibility, the users will be able to be mobile, while still maintaining the infrastructure of their e-business's.