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Red Bird SFX - Secure File Transfer

What is Red Bird SFX?

Red Bird SFX is a cryptographically secure file transfer client with flexible configuration options and support for SFTP, and SCP protocols. Red Bird SFX can be run on multiple Operation Systems including Macs, Linuxs, Unixs, Windows (95, 98, Me, 2000, 2003, XP), and even Windows Vista, so when you are ready to move to a new Operating System no worries, Red Bird SFX will be compatible. Red Bird SFX combines an easy-to-use, Explorer-like interface with advanced features including Automatic selection of transfer mode (binary or ASCII), remote owner/group/permission changing, public-key and Key Generation wizard. Whether you connect to a site that supports SFTP (SSH2) or SCP (SSH1), Red Bird SFX has everything you need to create a fully encrypted session with the server and manage your files and filing system.

With Red Bird SFX it's easier than ever to perform secure file transfers. Establish a secure connection with a mouse click, or type a server name in the Quick Connect dialog, and then select files for copying to and from the server and your desktop.

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